I love to photograph people, often they are models, music artists, regular folks + some athletes. I'm inspired by the story of an individual but also of a brand, because of the blood, sweat + tears that goes into the creation of a business.  
My background + education is in art + design. of which elements + principles are integrated into my photo work. People like to describe my photographic style as "edgy." I don't mind, I kinda like it. 
I've also been told that I have a "Kristin Stewart Vibe." Whatever that means, I'm also ok with that. 
Drop me a line if you'd like to connect about a future project...or even if you wanted to hang out, grab a beer + talk about about your pet or favorite Joy Division song, I'm down!
Named one of the “11 Best Portland Fashion Photographers” by Peerspace.com
(503) 810-7100
Thank you!
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